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of all customer reviews on major platforms are fraudulent or fake


of consumers cannot recognize a fabricated review from a real one


the approximate cost to purchase around 900 great reviews


is the average of customers that distrust ads and sponsored posts


average a person makes to give a fake review in the “underground forums”

How can I differentiate quality companies from others?

How do I know this company is what they say they are?

Can I trust the feedback?

How do I let a company know their service/product was not what they presented it is - without “bashing” their whole business?


Can I just give a suggestion?

I would like to introduce this company to others; how do I do that?

When You're Searching for a Business,

You Might Be Wondering...


How do I leave a review?

Download our App, make your profile

OR scan a QR Code at a business, leave review there

Push the video button, leave a 12s video of your favorite places

View businesses that are on the Q6 site and their reviews

Search your favorite places to go, introduce us if they are not on the Q6 Platform.

Will the business see my video?

Yes, in fact they are encouraged to reach out regarding your suggestions or give you an appreciative THANK YOU for your comments.

Will other consumers see my video?

Yes, they also can follow you and you can follow others to experience the businesses they give a view on.

Why are not all businesses on the Q6 site?

We would love for ALL businesses to be on the site, and one day hope to achieve that. Due to the validation vetting process the companies go through, from consumers requests, some business are still in the process of fulfilling the requirements However, know we are diligently working with them to get the value add from being on the Q6 site, so we can present them as the quality company they are and give the consumers what they have requested from every company.

Go ahead, introduce us to a business you think is great!

Why does it take some time for a video to post?

Q6 reviews the incoming review videos, relieves the potential that videos may not be authentic or may have a motive behind them, we validate this with the businesses to keep the platform clean and complimentary for the consumers and the businesses, and assure they are a true consumer.

Honestly, we want to make sure the videos are of value to consumers and the business alike. Again - showing Authenticity.

What if I want to complain or leave a negative view about an experience I had with a business?

Please send through a video view, we will review with the business and reach out to you within short period of time to rectify the experience in hopes to turn the experience around.

Honestly, all businesses on Q6 appreciate to hear suggestions and constructive criticism; keeps all growing to continue to give the best experiences.

Had a not so good experience? Please go through the rectify process with the business. Then leave a view on how they turned it around for you.

Remember, business work hard for their customers, acknowledge that while collaborating with them.

What if I am visiting a different area, would I be able to find Q6 quality businesses?

Yes of course, proceeding the downloading of our app - we will locate where you are and introduce you to the Q6 companies that look forward to meeting you! In fact, when you turn on the location in the app, you will receive an alert when you pass one of the Q6 businesses wherever you are. (Coming Soon)


Please feel free to contact us  OR  download the app and have fun!