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leave the rest to Q6



Approximate loss of potential customers on ONE negative review


On average a small to medium business pays for PPC (Pay Per Click) monthly


On average cost for removal of negative links on a business platform


Of consumers state they will read reviews for local businesses prior to making their purchasing decision


Consumers search for Quality goods and services

(as of Jan 2020)

Reasons to Consider Video Testimonials...

Consumers prefer and look for more frequent communication

VOD will Double by 2022

84% of internet traffic will be video in 2020

Video drives organic traffic up by 157%




Our mission is to consistently present businesses in front of customers.

Today consumers want collaboration with businesses more than ever and with so many to choose from; Our goal is to differentiate your company, keep you connected and present your company to the standards you intend to be.

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Opportunity for you to rectify a not-so-good review

before being posted

All reviews managed by Q6 with you

  • Less frustration

  • More collaboration

  • Continuous showcasing of your business

More Traffic and Repeatable Loyalty Customers

BOTTOM LINE : Q6 saves businesses Time, Energy and Money.



Video is endless, and we have that covered through a new innovative way


Marketing Augmentation

Customer Collaboration

Implement Customer Engagement

Review/Feedback Management

Online Reputation Management 

VOC Analytics

Traffic Analysis

Timely Response to Feedback

Employee Introduction and Engagement

Showcase Giving Back/Environment Conscious

Let's Work Together...

Step One: We’ll work together to get you validated, show the consumers they are choosing a quality product/service from the get-go.

Step Two: We do a quick video interview for your first introduction to the reviewers. 

Step Three: ​Set up your platform! Then, you are up and running to experience the new innovative way of collaborating with your customers.



What are you validating in a business?

Great question! We are sure you are letting your consumers already know the great business you are; however, consumers still have concerns when deciding to purchase or use a service they do not know yet. Remember these days, there are hundreds, if not thousands of businesses in every sector, and the reviews are no longer helping.

Q6 is here to differentiate you from others.

Community Presence

Environmental Conscious

Culture Impact


Customer Awareness/Appreciation/Incentives

Product/Service Quality


To give the consumer another option to make a great decision, we took the top interests after almost 2 years of asking many questions to consumers

“What are the main things you expect from a company?

Answers ranged from, “no pop ups on website” “easy-returns” “easy check-out” to - of course, “great customer service” and a “friendly atmosphere”

“What do you think a quality business is?”

Answers range from “good culture” to “community service, volunteer” and “are they doing what they love to do?” ... much more

So, we took the answers to many questions like above, we assembled, analyzed and categorized and created six areas that cover what consumers look for and are interested in with a company for each type of sector, and came up with a detailed process to be validated up front of what the customer wants for all types of businesses.

Puts them at ease to chose the business right from the get-go, while putting the business at ease in having the consumer know their quality values prior

What is the process to come onto the platform?

First things first, we get to know the “why” of a business – we learned that was important to the consumers.

We walk with you through the validation process, very easy and we assist in all of this process. Remember, it is putting the best of what you do out front. Putting out there what differentiates you from others in your sector.

We assign an admin for your platform, put up videos of the 6 things we validate in every company and then go live to receive reviews and start collaborating with your customers in a real authentic way.

We will have you up and running in a few days at most. Everything else after is easy, fun and trustworthy to all.

We exercise integrity, trust and quality and we showcase that with the businesses too.

Q6 is not just here to just put your business on a platform (like a yellow phone book) and have you “fend” for yourselves, collect your stars and manage your feedback etc. We are your partner in presenting your business the right way, with ease

What if the company doesn’t meet all the validation processes?

We are here to showcase businesses at their best and will push you to do so. If it is the community service/volunteering you have not got to in doing yet, we will assist and give suggestions and validate that you do. We want you up and running to start collaborating with your consumers.

Do I pay to get on the site?

We have a free option,put up your videos, show who you are in the areas customers are asking about per our research. Allows 6 reviews. Note : this is not managed by Q6 (so anything goes up)

We have different packages pay monthly or yearly rate; they are one time fees too.

Just do you, showcase yourself authentically - we have the rest.

Do we need to do videos?

We suggest you do, after all that is what the platform is about, being AUTHENTIC! What other way to show it, than through video? Closest thing to being right in front of someone.

We have put in placeholder videos for you audience until you send through your videos of what your business is all about- the validation process. What we told our cutomers about the Quality business on the Q6 Platform do and will show.

We are continously sending out suggestions ideas - a push - on what your viewers should see next; example “introduction to a new employee” OR “looking for a new employee” “see our video on volunteering this week” etc.

What makes Q6 different from other review platforms?

Great question! 1- we manage your reviews, increase your online reputation 2- you have opportunity to rectify a negative review, and not have it posted 3- we create and showcase your business in a new innovative way 4- collaboration with your consumers is endless 5- we are authentically showing you, in fact, you are showing you and your business authentically - we are just pushing you to do in a new way 6- our customer service is our number one purpose 7- we will be your new "commercial", a new way to hire employees, a new/different way to market, a new way to show your creations, skills and talents on ONE platform 8- you will spend less, have less frustration and much more time saving for you to do what you enjoy - Q6's promise


Further Questions?