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Why the Q6 Platform has been created


I am excited you are here, and want to know more. Here it is in a nutshell. 

I do have passions for things I believe in. 

One - doing the right thing, even if you don't feel like it especially when  no one is looking.

Two - take a moment before you speak, for words are strong and people are human.

Three - fake is fake, no matter how you dress it up.

The JIST of it

I was in search to start a side hustle, while I was in the corporate world of 9-5.  I thought of blogging, and one evening I looked up , "how to start a blog" and over 900+ ways came up!

My first thought- "why are there so many to choose from, and how do I know what is best? -if I buy the $13 pdf download, or  hire a coach for $500 a month? - So, I started looking at the reviews, then my second thought came -"how do I trust what these people are telling me ?"  Well I continued to other sites, reading reviews, testimonies and feedback. I started to realize that "Jack L." left reviews in many places, and recognizing the same generic reviews in many different places...what!?

I became curious, why am I not able to find a truthful review that I  trust on many sites?

I began asking others, family,  around at my job - "What do you think of reviews, and what is your biggest frustration while looking things up on a product or service to purchase ?" 

Answers:  "not sure they are even real" - "too many to look up" - "I purchase, but can't believe what they say really" 

Then I took it to another step; every deli, store, hairdresser, flower shop, car dealer or restaurant etc. that I had went into for the next few months, I asked "Are you on a platform that has reviews?"  I learned even more...

Answers: "yes I am, but most of the reviews are friends and family, so I don't lose the ratings" -  "no, I don't trust the sites" - " I was, but came off, I received one negative review, and sales went down, I cannot get the review off, so I canceled, even though it's still there" - "no, people don't believe they are my real reviews anyway"  or the one that really got me, " I am, but I hire a company to write the reviews, can't be bothered in asking for a review" 

Over the last 2 years with talking to many businesses and consumers and doing tons of research.  I learned the frustrations of both, the complications of keeping up with reviews and online reputation management. There just had to be a simpler more authentic way of doing this. I made it a mission, a new passion, to come up with what  I believe today,  a solution.

Something easy, simpler, more trustworthy, authentic, and an integrity held way to differentiate quality businesses and manage reviews for them, the right way, a real and value add to both the consumers and the businesses.

I hope you see what I believe is a good solution and have fun with Q6.

Go learn more about businesses, their owners and culture and collaborate with them. 

I believe video is just as close as the person being in front of you, it's just this simple in my eyes.

All the best, Gina